Mountain Flowers

Inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses, Mountain Flowers follows Leah and Molly, a pair of long-distance lovers, over the course of their final day together, before Molly returns to her home in Los Angeles after a longer than planned visit with Leah in Little Rock, Arkansas. Over the course of the day Leah and Molly struggle to connect and communicate about past events and future possibilities. As the sun sets, the couple find themselves and their relationship transformed by the night. Featuring music by Hammock, Flunk, Collin vs. Adam, Cindy Woolf, OrOrOr, Silver Anchors, In a Trap, Geneva Skeen, and Kimiko Ishizaka.

Directed by Bruce Hutchinson
Starring Kristy Barrington, Liana Osgood
Produced by Kristy Barrington, Chris Churchill, and Bruce Hutchinson
2022 / 123 min / 1.5:1 / Stereo

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Screenings and Awards

Opening Night Feature Made in Arkansas Film Festival
Winner Audience Choice Feature Film Award
Nominee Best Feature Film and Best Director


"Mountain Flowers" is a unique film that's a perfect representation of slow cinema, in fact some might call it the slowest cinema. The opening shot alone is 10 minutes long. Most shots in the film linger, almost challenging and daring the audience to stick with the film. The plot is very minimalist, two women spend the day together trying to navigate the logistics and emotional effects of a long-distance relationship.

And as straightforward as the plot is, the film's style really shines as Hutchinson shows off just how much of a lifelong student of cinema he is. Each scene in the film borrows visually from the greats like Andrei Tarkovsky, Yasujiro Ozu, Chantal Akerman and David Lynch. "Mountain Flowers" sculpts through time, giving the viewers a sense of the passage of time and the subtle relationship of one moment to another.

-Al Topich, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
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